Paracon Days: 

June 2nd & June 3rd, 2023


Majestic Ventura Theater

26 S Chestnut St.

Ventura CA 93001

Event Times:

June 2nd -

Historical Ghost Walk (1pm-4pm)            1hr walk every hour. 

Meet & Greet (6pm-10pm) Meet the Speakers and See the Vendors.

June 3rd - 

Paracon General Admission (9am-5pm)

Speaker Schedule:  TBA

 Ghost Hunt of the Majestic (8pm-12am)


 Come join us for a Paranormal Adventure of the historic Majestic Ventura Theater on June 2nd & 3rd for the Pacific Coast Paracon! Meet celebrity speakers, attend workshops & lectures, and participate in a 4-hour ghost hunt. If you are curious about the paranormal or if you’re an experienced investigator, Pacific Coast Paracon is a chance to learn, and share paranormal experiences with others.

Speakers and Guests

Stefan Brigati

Stefan has been investigating and researching the paranormal for 30 years as well as studying the Paranormal and the theories behind hauntings. In addition to Investigating the paranormal he is a well-known educator in the field by doing seminars and hosting events for Paranormal groups all over the world.

Stefan has appeared on TV shows such as Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story, Haunted Hollywood, Paranormal Witness, Caught On Camera, and more.

Stefan is the host of My Darkest Hour Radio on Live Paranormal and History FM his show has reached over 1 million followers. 

He has appeared on A&E, Animal Planet, AwesomenessTV, BBC1, BioTV, Discovery, Green Channel, HBO, History, MTV, National Geographic, Real TV, SyFy, Travel, Viacom and more.

He is a published author for No Cover Magazine and also appears in Americas Haunted Road Trip, Time Square Press, Stars Illustrated Magazine and the book 2015-2016 World’s Best, Most Trusted and Most Popular Lightworkers, Demon Song “The tragic story of Mark and Debbie Constantino”.

Stefan has a show on Streaming Service, and an educator at University Magickus an online Spirituality School.

Patti Negri

Psychic-Medium and "Good Witch" is best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel & Discovery Plus's #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES and the #1 paranormal show on YouTube TFIL WITH ELTON CASTEE.
Patti's body of work includes appearances on dozens of shows from MASTER CHEF, WipeOut and America’s Got Talent to Influencers, YouTubers and crossover talents like Lilly Singh, LaurDIY, Good Mythical Morning and AwesomenessTV.
 Patti has a popular weekly podcast called The Witching Hour and has just launched her second weekly podcast, Patti Negri’s Haunted Journal.
Patti is partner and VP of Streaming Service, and partner and educator at University Magickus an online Spirituality School.

Ann Bender

Ann was raised in Michigan on her family's farm.  Her first memories are not of horses and flowers, but of the spirits and past events in the family home.  Unfortunately, it terrified her parents when she spoke of people, events, and places she had never seen.

She spent her early adulthood using her abilities while working as a paramedic and radiology technologist.  When living in Washington, her nearby neighbor was a serial killer.  Every time he killed, she dreamed through his victims eyes of his victim's last moments.  This drove her to better understand how she could help others and not just sit as a bystander.

In 2003 she moved to California and met her husband, Dave Bender.  She became a dowser while working with Dave.  For families with delicate questions, the dowsing rods can answer without a word being spoken

Jeff Dwyer

Jeff Dwyer is a third-generation San Francisco  Bay Area native.  As a boy, he explored the  old neigbhoods of Alameda, sometimes sneaking into a abandoned Victorian  mansions to look for ghosts. About the age of 10, Jeff  noticed that he could see  things that others could  not. He soon realized he  was seeing ghosts or spirit remnants. Throughout his  teenage years, Jeff's desire for adventure took him to many of the Bay Area's  most historic locations  including the old Oakland Airport, Jack London's  home in nearby Sonoma,   Fort Point in San Francisco, and the Winchester  House in San Jose. 

   Jeff attended the East Bay campus of the  California State University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Southern Calfiornia, earning a bachelor's degree, two master of science degrees, and a Ph. D. in the medical sciences.   Jeff has had a variety of experiences in intensive care units, rehabilitation centers, and medical clinics in Southern California and San Francisco Bay Area hospitals.   

   Numerous paranormal experiences in hospitals and other clinical settings intensified Jeff's interest in ghosts and after-life phenomena and prompted him to write his first book, Ghost Hunter's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area.  This was followed by his second book, Ghost Hunter's Guide to Los Angeles. Jeff's third book, delayed by Hurrican e Katrina, is Ghost Hunter's Guide to New Orleans. It was released in September of 2007. That highly successful book was followed in June of 2008 with the Ghost Hunter's Guide to Seattle and, in September of 2009, Ghost Hunter's Guide to California's Gold Rush Country.

   A second edition of Ghost Hunter's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area. as published in 2012. He is currently completing Ghost Hunter's Guide to Portland and the Oregon Coast. Future projects will take him to Civil War battlefields and to Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Brian Clune

Brian Clune has been an avid paranormal enthusiast for most of his life, but he did not get involved with investigating until his son asked if they could go, “Ghost Hunting.” This brought him to Planet Paranormal, where his life would forever change.

     Investigating became a passion and the more he learned about what was involved, the more he realized that history was the key to effective paranormal discovery. His dedication to learning the past has compelled him to become the Historian for Planet Paranormal.

      Some of Planet Paranormal’s discoveries guided him towards being involved with a number of television shows including My Ghost Story, The Dead Files, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Adventures. Brian was also the focus of a companion documentary for the film Paranormal Asylum by Meridien Films.

     Brian has appeared on many radio programs as well as giving lectures at top paranormal conventions and has spoken at several colleges both in lecture and teaching capacities. He has also been conducting his own radio show with Peter Haviland called The Full Spectrum Project, where they host every Thursday evening from 8pm to 10pm est.

Charlie Kryszewski

psychic & tarot readerSmall bio of Charlie Intuitive and Tarot reader. I have been reading cards for over six years. Paranormal investigator, and all around nice guy.Having had in interest in Tarot for years, I decided in 2017 to devote the time and finally learn. Finally in 2018 I read a couple of books during the year and I found the Wild Unknown deck in the fall of 2018. I decided in December that I would jump in with both feet and finally do readings. I believe the Tarot is going to be a lifelong journey. I don’t think I’ll ever 100% know the meanings of all the cards. I have experimented with doing readings during investigations and gotten some amazing results.

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Day 1

Friday June 3rd 2022

Daytime Historical Ghost Walk (1pm-4pm)

Join Stefan Brigati of Ghost Adventures, Paraflixx and Roku TV's My Darkest Hour, on a daytime Historical Ghost Hunt, Hear the history and experience the spirits in person.

Celebrity Meet & Greet (6pm-10pm) 21 and over

Meet the celebrity headliners while you check out the Majestic Ventura Theater. Food, Wine & Beer available for purchase. Please note, this is an adult evening (21 & up), must show ID

Day 2

Saturday June 4th 2022

Paracon General Admission (9am-5pm)

General Admission to Headliners, Workshops, Vendors as well as checking out the Majestic Ventura Theater.

Gallery reading with Patti Negri (6pm-8pm)

Join the Amazing Patti Negri for a very special Gallery reading as she makes contact with the spirits and the energy that comes with Patti as she opens the veil.

Celebrity Ghost Hunt of the Majestic

Join us for a professional, hands-on investigation led by our Celebrity Speakers, this will include equipment and instruction. TICKETS ARE LIMITED






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