Paracon Days: 

June 3rd & June 4th, 2022


Majestic Ventura Theater

26 S Chestnut St.

Ventura CA 93001

Event Times:

June 3rd -

Historical Ghost Walk (1pm-4pm)            1hr walk every hour. 

Meet & Greet (6pm-10pm) Meet the Speakers and See the Vendors.

June 4th - 

Paracon General Admission (9am-5pm)

Speaker Schedule: 

STEFAN (OPEN) 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM


TARA MEAD 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

RICHARD SENATE 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM

BARRY CONRAD 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM

LUNCH BREAK 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


ANN BENDER 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM

BRIAN CLUNE 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM

UNEARTHING 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM


PATTI NEGRI 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM 

 Ghost Hunt of the Majestic (8pm-12am)


 Come join us for a Paranormal Adventure of the historic Majestic Ventura Theater on June 3rd & 4th for the Pacific Coast Paracon! Meet celebrity speakers, attend workshops & lectures, and participate in a 4-hour ghost hunt. If you are curious about the paranormal or if you’re an experienced investigator, Pacific Coast Paracon is a chance to learn, and share paranormal experiences with others.

Speakers and Guests

Patti Negri

Psychic-Medium and "Good Witch" is best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel & Discovery Plus's #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES and the #1 paranormal show on YouTube TFIL WITH ELTON CASTEE. 


Patti's body of work includes appearances on dozens of shows from MASTER CHEF, WipeOut and America’s Got Talent to Influencers, YouTubers and crossover talents like Lilly Singh, LaurDIY, Good Mythical Morning and AwesomenessTV.

 Patti has a popular weekly podcast called The Witching Hour and has just launched her second weekly podcast, Patti Negri’s Haunted Journal. 

Patti is partner and VP of Streaming Service, and partner and educator at University Magickus an online Spirituality School.

Stefan Brigati

Stefan has been investigating and researching the paranormal for 30 years as well as studying the Paranormal and the theories behind hauntings. In addition to Investigating the paranormal he is a well-known educator in the field by doing seminars and hosting events for Paranormal groups all over the world.

Stefan has appeared on TV shows such as Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story, Haunted Hollywood, Paranormal Witness, Caught On Camera, and more. 

Stefan is the host of My Darkest Hour Radio on Live Paranormal and History FM his show has reached over 1 million followers.  

He has appeared on A&E, Animal Planet, AwesomenessTV, BBC1, BioTV, Discovery, Green Channel, HBO, History, MTV, National Geographic, Real TV, SyFy, Travel, Viacom and more. 

He is a published author for No Cover Magazine and also appears in Americas Haunted Road Trip, Time Square Press, Stars Illustrated Magazine and the book 2015-2016 World’s Best, Most Trusted and Most Popular Lightworkers, Demon Song “The tragic story of Mark and Debbie Constantino”.

Stefan has a show on Streaming Service, and an educator at University Magickus an online Spirituality School.

Ann Bender

Ann was raised in Michigan on her family's farm.  Her first memories are not of horses and flowers, but of the spirits and past events in the family home.  Unfortunately, it terrified her parents when she spoke of people, events, and places she had never seen.

She spent her early adulthood using her abilities while working as a paramedic and radiology technologist.  When living in Washington, her nearby neighbor was a serial killer.  Every time he killed, she dreamed through his victims eyes of his victim's last moments.  This drove her to better understand how she could help others and not just sit as a bystander.

In 2003 she moved to California and met her husband, Dave Bender.  She became a dowser while working with Dave.  For families with delicate questions, the dowsing rods can answer without a word being spoken

Unearthing The Supernatural

Unearthing the supernatural are a team of Native American paranormal investigators taught in the old ways of spiritual combat and healing. Answering the call from people and spirits who ask for their aid. Having been featured on Ghost Adventures and Unidentified with Demi Lovato, and showing never before seen content on their own Youtube channel, the team looks forward to showing the world an “unearthed” perspective of paranormal investigating and spiritual interaction. Hero, the medicinal person and “exorcist” of the group brings over 20 years of spiritual expertise to the team. Shanclen, the leader and face of the team, brings his warrior tenacity and caring heart to every interaction. This sacred brother duo is making leaps and bounds showing the world what it means to truly help those beings in need from an Indigenous perspective; blending both the ancient and modern world. Join them and the crew as they bring to the table new investigative techniques, philosophies, stories, tools, and knowledge. And be prepared to bring your own questions to better understand the next evolution of paranormal interaction.

Keith Bailey

Paranormal researcher and investigator, Keith Bailey first began his entrance into the paranormal at the age of 12 after 3 encounters left him with more questions than answers.

Since Keith has been on a journey to prove that life after death is real. With several published articles, dozens of paracon presentations, hundreds of cases, and television and radio appearances Keith’s dedication to the field of paranormal study is tenacious.

He co-hosts Talk and Tech Paranormal with Kelly Miller every other week where they explore the many facets of the paranormal with a wide range of guest who share their passion for the paranormal.

Brian Clune

Brian Clune has been an avid paranormal enthusiast for most of his life, but he did not get involved with investigating until his son asked if they could go, “Ghost Hunting.” This brought him to Planet Paranormal, where his life would forever change.

     Investigating became a passion and the more he learned about what was involved, the more he realized that history was the key to effective paranormal discovery. His dedication to learning the past has compelled him to become the Historian for Planet Paranormal.

      Some of Planet Paranormal’s discoveries guided him towards being involved with a number of television shows including My Ghost Story, The Dead Files, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Adventures. Brian was also the focus of a companion documentary for the film Paranormal Asylum by Meridien Films.

     Brian has appeared on many radio programs as well as giving lectures at top paranormal conventions and has spoken at several colleges both in lecture and teaching capacities. He has also been conducting his own radio show with Peter Haviland called The Full Spectrum Project, where they host every Thursday evening from 8pm to 10pm est.

Kaedrich Olsen

Kaedrich Olsen is an author, speaker, teacher, and paranormal expert with over 30 years of experience guiding people through their supernatural and spiritual concerns. From early childhood, and throughout his life, Kaedrich Olsen has led a paranormal life. Living in a haunted house full of spirits taught him how to work with entities of all kinds. Growing up attending a spiritualist church, he learned the art of seance and channeling. His lifetime connection with advanced beings, called the Whisperers, gave him a keen awareness of the landscape of the afterlife, knowledge of how to work with various entities, and powerful ways of clearing unwanted attachments from home and individuals. Now he brings his gifts to help people reach out and safely interact with loved ones and beings on the other side of life. Author, of Runes for Transformation, published by Red Wheel/ Weiser – taps into the depths of your mind to connect with the runes within, to affect the world around you.

Tara Mead

Spirit Photographer / Light worker:  With many years helping others in the paranormal field, Tara has made a great reputation as a paranormal photographer.  1st place photos in Americas haunted road Trip.  Tara has taken many photos of paranormal phenomena and has been featured in magazines and books most recently Tara has been voted one of the best psychics / light workers in the United States for 2015. She has appeared on many paranormal TV/Radio shows including a very special episode of My Ghost Story.

Voted #1 Nationally/Internationally best Spirit photographer 2014/2015
American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

Richard Senate

Mr. Senate is also a world-renowned paranormal author, lecturer &    investigator who has appeared on television specials & numerous      internet videos speaking on the subject of the paranormal. He is also famous for his ghost stories, some original & many re-counted from the locals who heard them from their ancestors.

Richard has appeared on many TV and Radios shows including Ghost Adventures

Richard Senate is pleased to present his newest book The Ghosts of Santa Barbara: Haunted places in Santa Barbara County. Available on  It can be purchased on Kindle form or paperback.

The Ghosts of Santa Barbara: Haunted places in Santa Barbara County contains many stories never before published. Stories of ghost monks at Mission Santa Barbara, and the ghost of  Fr. Francisco Sanchez,  reported to also be haunting Mission Santa Barbara.

Van Doren Figueredo

Van Doren is blessed with a myriad of gifts. Her abilities include Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairvoyance, her most common CLAIRS. In other words, like a radio, she picks up on frequencies and can deliver the ¨music¨ or intuitive messages that are meant to be heard by YOU. Once she guides you into finely tuning in to the right channel step by step, she works with you using tools and exercises where you notice the immediate shift taking place within you. She helps you understand the dormant guidance within you but brought to the light of your consciousness, which your inner-core feels unclear. Using psychometry, Van Doren uses angel messages, tarot cards, pendulum, and remote viewing. She is also a skilled dream interpreter and receives angelic messages.   Regardless of your situation or questions,  trust that Van Doren´s decades of experience and sharpened insight will help you with your own needs.

Barry Conrad

Barry Conrad: film-maker and ghost-hunter extraordinaire. Few men have ventured where he has ventured, and even fewer have come back with any supporting evidence. Mainly known for the TV shows, “California's Most Haunted (2003)”, “Monsters of the UFO (2005),” and, “Valentino's Ghost (2012),” Barry commenced his broadcast career with Nick Clooney (George Clooney's father) in Ohio back in the Seventies. His credits span countless titles as cameraman, director-of-photography, and producer, including several feature documentaries under the banner of his own BARCON VIDEO PRODUCTIONS. What we really came to sink our teeth into, however, is the notorious San Pedro Haunting: surely one of his most well-known paranormal cases to date, Barry has also written a book about said haunting, under the title of, “An Unknown Encounter: A True Account Of The San Pedro Haunting.” This popular case focuses on the haunting of Jackie Hernandez, which began during the Summer of 1989, in a peaceful neighborhood of San Pedro, California. We also talk to Barry about various aspects of paranormal film-making (e.g. the difficulties concerning recording equipment), as well as other paranormal cases he has featured in his productions

Danielle Oberosler

Extreme Paranormal Survivor & Author

Did you ever find the girl's body? Does the activity continue? The story of the haunted guesthouse, featured on Paranormal Witness' The Pit, has finally come to an end. Truth is stranger than fiction. Find out how the exciting tale concludes and if the activity continues by reading the book by the homeowner who was tormented by the biker ghost for 13 years. Photographic evidence of life after death included along with the honest account of this strange tale


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Day 1

Friday June 3rd 2022

Daytime Historical Ghost Walk (1pm-4pm)

Join Stefan Brigati of Ghost Adventures, Paraflixx and Roku TV's My Darkest Hour, on a daytime Historical Ghost Hunt, Hear the history and experience the spirits in person.

Celebrity Meet & Greet (6pm-10pm) 21 and over

Meet the celebrity headliners while you check out the Majestic Ventura Theater. Food, Wine & Beer available for purchase. Please note, this is an adult evening (21 & up), must show ID

Day 2

Saturday June 4th 2022

Paracon General Admission (9am-5pm)

General Admission to Headliners, Workshops, Vendors as well as checking out the Majestic Ventura Theater.

Gallery reading with Patti Negri (6pm-8pm)

Join the Amazing Patti Negri for a very special Gallery reading as she makes contact with the spirits and the energy that comes with Patti as she opens the veil.

Celebrity Ghost Hunt of the Majestic

Join us for a professional, hands-on investigation led by our Celebrity Speakers, this will include equipment and instruction. TICKETS ARE LIMITED






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